French Bulldog Couldn’t Wait To Show Off His New Trick. When You See What He Does? AWW!

Dogs are really intelligent critters. They are known to be as smart as a young human child, which is pretty impressive for an animal. Every breed of dog has its own specialty. The French bulldogs are one of the cutest breeds in the world. What is not to love about their smushed in faces and bat-like ears? It’s even better when they can do clever tricks, just like the one in the following video!

Jude the French Bulldog isn’t just all about looking cute. He knows an amazing trick too and isn’t afraid to show it. When mom points her finger at him and says “bang”, he drops down and pretends to be dead. He even lets out a long sigh, as if he is sad that his mom “shot” him. What a dramatic little pooch!

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