He Gives His Dog A Paintbrush — But You’ll NEVER Believe What This Dog Does With It! WOW!

Dogs are faithful, playful and really intelligent beings. They understand humans in a way that no other animals can. However, how intelligent are they? If you want to find out, then don’t forget to check this video below, because this going to blow your mind!

This clip below features Jumpy, this handsome little dog. His owner Omar von Muller has trained him to sign his autograph himself. Well, Jumpy definitely needs it as his video is going viral all over the internet and he is already a big star. Just watch him paint his own name ‘JUMPY’ in the video below, you will definitely be astonished. I am more shocked of how accurately and clearly Jumpy has written his own name.

Mind that this video has no sound and is time-lapsed. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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