She Is Just 4 Years Old. But When Music Starts? I Had No Idea She Could Do This!

Young talents are all over internet now-a-days. Some are taking the internet down with their exceptional dance skills while some with their mesmerizing vocals. This little girl in the video below not just took the internet by storm but whole America when she appeared in the America’s Got Talent in 2008. She was just 4 when she came for the audition, but what she is capable of doing will blow your mind!

Kaitlyn Maher is quite a celebrity now. This video is the one which helped her gained what she has now. Only in 4 years of age, she brought the house down with her mesmerizing voice. Kaitlyn has performed in front of George W. Bush when he was president and even performed for Mitchell Obama.

This video features Kaitlyn performing ‘Somewhere Out There’. What do you think about her performance? Share your thought with us in the comments below!

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