I Was Terrified When He Got Into A Lioness’ Cage. But When He Did THIS? That’s Even More Insane!

When it comes to their babies, parents are very defensive. A lioness is one of the most fiercely protective species when it comes to their cubs. They can get cautious and brutally violent in a matter of moments. That is why many of us are quite happy when we get a chance to view them from far away. But this guy in the video, Kevin Richardson, is an exception.

Richardson is a self-taught animal behaviorist and he was worked in detail with many native animals of Africa. He is also famously known as the “The Lion Whisperer”. In this video, Kevin gets up close with a gorgeous lioness and her cute little cubs. His interaction with these wild animals is really captivating! Not many people are capable of what Kevin does!

Watch this amazing clip below! Would you dare to do what he did? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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