This Gorilla Had Adopted A Pet Cat. But When A Human Tells Her The Kitten Is Dead? Tear-jerking!

According to the evolution theory, humans evolved from apes. So, it is not a great surprise when we observe gorillas having similar traits as humans. Their genetic makeup is 98% similar to that of humans and it is also the reason why many behavioral researches are done on gorillas and other apes. This video below also features a similar human characteristic shown by a gorilla.

Koko, this gorilla in the video below loves having a pet. So, her caretakers allowed her to have a pet and she chose a cat. Koko always played and looked after her kitty and even named him ‘all ball’. But one day, Koko got news that her kitty somehow got into an accident and died. This left Koko devastated. But what she did when nobody was at sight will leave you bawling!

This will touch your heart! Watch this video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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