Drunken Man Was Washing His Hands In The Bathroom. What He Saw In The Mirror Next? YIKES!

Drinking and driving is one of the worst things than one can do. It not only endangers the intoxicated person’s life, but it also innocent lives on the street. One might think they are in control of themselves when drunk yet they can go through horrendous accidents. That is what happened to 16 year old Kris Caudilla. He took the life of a man in a car accident when he was driving drunk.

This video shows Kris spreading awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving. Whenever a drunken man came into the bathroom of a nightclub, the mirror would flash Kris’s message to them. He tells them that drinking under intoxication is not worth it. He speaks his message from prison and tells them that nobody should go through what he went through.

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