Newborn Baby Was Crying Uncontrollably. But When Labrador Shows Up & Does THIS? OMG!

Dogs are such incredible creatures. They amaze me with their ability to understand and react to certain situations. Labradors are the most famous dog breeds in the United States. Their kid friendly behavior makes them an ideal dog for families with kids. Take a look at this Labrador for instance. He saw a baby crying helplessly. His next move left me speechless!

This newborn baby was uncomfortable in his little blanket. So he started crying to let his family know of the matter. The Labrador straightway went near the baby after seeing him cry. He looked at the camera, perhaps to ask for permission to comfort the baby. After his owner agreed, he started licking the child. What’s even amazing is that the infant immediately calmed down after feeling the pooch’s presence near him!

Watch this video below! What did think of this Labrador? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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