THIS Cat Was Drowning In A River. But Its Her Rescuer That Will Surprise You!

Labradors are an amazing breed of dogs. In addition to being loyal, playful and loving as any other breed they serve as guides for the blind, companions for the disabled, lifeguards, military personnel, and the list goes on. Well today this video is of a Labrador saving a drowning cat. This wonderful Labrador is a lifeguard, professionally trained to rescue drowning people.

When the cat falls into the river, it quickly loses all hope of survival. Well cats aren’t too fond of water to begin with anyways. So it is not hard to see why this was the worst case scenario for the poor little cat. Well his luck changes when this heroic dog appears out of nowhere and is determined to save the cats life. The dog plunges into the river and safely swims the cat to shore.

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