Little Pup Farts On Her Brother’s Face. But It Was This Dog’s Reaction That Had Me In STITCHES!

Having a sibling is awesome, but we cannot deny the fact that having a sibling can be pretty troublesome as well. Siblings fight with each other all the time, and the one who doesn’t have an upper hand at the fight is the youngest one. I am the youngest in my house and I hate this fact. However, this dog in the video below has the perfect solution when she can’t win a fight.

This video features two corgis fighting with each other. A tiny pup named Lacie is the newest addition to this family and her big brother Mac is not so fond of being around her. As soon as they meet, they begin to fight with each other. But because of the size, Lacie doesn’t have the upper hand. However, instead of giving up she does the most hilarious thing ever; she farts on the face of her brother.

The face of Mac at the end is priceless. Watch this video below. Did this make you laugh? Let us know in the comments!

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