These Ladies Get the Crowd’s Attention with their Underwater Moves!

Swimming is a sport and a fun hobby at the same time. It even improves the health of our lungs because of the breathing that we do in the water. Some also exercise in the water or a pool. They call it aqua Zumba and many are loving it because it intensifies the moves they have to do because of the water. But these ladies take their aqua moves to the highest level!

They do not only perform individually but as a group and in a graceful, synchronized manner. We can never say what they do is easy because of the span of time they are underwater without any breathing apparatus to help them stay there longer. Be amazed as I was when I watched this video for the first time! I also needed to watch the video over and over again because I couldn’t help but admire how they move with each other with such grace and gaiety. Watch the video and you cannot stop from cheering these wonderful ladies! You might also think to do the same 🙂

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