When These 6 Big Brothers Meet Their Baby Sister For the First Time – It Is PRICELESS

Lair family never had a daughter before. That is why they were in the top of the world when their newborn baby turned out to be a girl. This family had 6 brothers and now for the first time in their life, these lair brothers are meeting this baby sister. Mom captured this precious first encounter of her children in the video and it is such an adorable moment to witness!

This little baby’s name is Ruby and she doesn’t yet know that her 6 elder brothers have already got a big plan for her. The video starts with 13 year old Jackson, oldest of the troop. He is excited yet scared as it is the first time he was going to grow up with a baby sister. He is followed by his younger brothers.

Watch this video below. Do you have a sibling? What do you think about this video? Let us know in the comments!

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