These foals were born just to be killed off, until this lady stepped in to save them

Factory farming and breeding rings are often associated to cows, pigs, chicken, and dogs. But we rarely think about horses. Horse breeding is one of the fastest growing businesses these days and it all started because of horse racing. When someone bets on a racehorse, it involuntarily supports these breeding rings. Horse racing has become a very profitable business, so breeders do whatever fit to produce as much foals as they possibly can.

But most of these foals are born just to die since not all of them can become a race horse. Rescue organizations for dogs and cats are in full-fledged operations right now, but there are hardly any rescue teams for horses. Fortunately, a woman named Victoria Goss has been working hard for their protection. She has been rescuing horses for the most part of her life, and she established Last Chance Corral in 2008 as way to protect them.

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