She Was Texting While Driving… But She Never Thought THIS Would Happen Seconds Later! OMG!

Texting is the worst possible thing you can do while driving. Even a split second of taking your eyes off the road can create a terrible accident. This video below features a short documentary about a young girl named Ashley who was killed in an accident. This terrible accident was caused because she was texting to her sister. According to her friends and family, Ashley was always involved in texting. No matter where she would be seen texting to everyone, and this ultimately created this disastrous nightmare!

This short documentary has been presented to us by AT&T, a multinational telecommunication company. It was released as a part of a campaign called “The Last Text” in 2010. Till now, this company has released many commercials alerting people about the road accidents, and by far this is the most emotional ad I’ve ever seen.

Watch this important video below and write your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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