She Started Singing THIS Hit By Dolly Parton. By The End, Everyone Was Left In Goosebumps!

We have heard a lot of renditions of the song “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton. It is practically one of my favorite songs of all times and most of you probably agree with me as well. The original version of this song has always made me mesmerized and made me want to listen to it again and again. However, when this little girl sings it live, I am just covered in goosebumps!

Laura, this little girl in the video below walked onstage for her blind audition of The Voice Kids Germany. As you might know the process of this audition, the judges need to judge the participants without looking at the stage and if they like the performance, they hit the red button to invite the participant to their respective teams. In the case of Laura, it happened instantly. The moment she started to sing, all of the judges wanted her on their team.

Watch this video below. What do you think about Laura and her performance? Let us know via comments!

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