This Lazy Bulling Is Sleeping On The Couch. But When Mom Tries To Wake Him Up? OMG!

There are many people who fail to wake up early no matter how hard they try. They hate getting disturbed, and go through a great deal of trouble to ensure that they get a good night’s sleep. But humans aren’t the only who love sleeping. Our furry friends too want to relax and take naps, as this video shows. Just wait till see this English Bulldog!

Bulldogs are probably the laziest dogs out there. This bulldog is named Elvis. Mom wants her dog to go outside to use the potty. So she wakes him up but gets surprised by the way he reacts. This bulldog is in no mood to go outside. He just wants to chill on the couch. You will be cracking up when you see Elvis paying no attention to mom!

Watch this video below! Did he make you laugh? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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