Lemon the Duck Won’t Let Anything Stop her from Living Life to the Fullest

Ducks are naturally lively, alert creatures. They love being wet and waddles a lot in mud, rivers, or anything that they could put their feet into. Even if ducks are still small, they look really like they wouldn’t get tired. After being alive for several weeks, they wouldn’t require much attention because they feed themselves by just almost anything they see where they live.

But Lemon has a different story. She was born with a defect in her brain and can’t move properly on her own. Luckily, a family had the biggest heart to take care of her and give her all she needs to live a happy life, even with her limitations. Now, Lemon experiences what it means to waddle, to swim, and to walk. Lemon is such a determined, brave duck who depends on her fighting spirit to have the happiest life she could have. Watch the video how this brave soul continues on with life and how her parents pour out their love to Lemon.

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