Hugging horse doesn’t want to let go of his new best friend

When you see a horse, you’ll instantly be enchanted by its magnificent body and amazing strength. Everyone takes horses as majestic creatures. However, in this video below you’ll see this creature’s hilarious and adorable side. This is one of the funniest video you will see today!

This video was taken at Maxfield Equestrian riding center in Turlock, California. The main character of this video is a horse named Levi. This adorable horse loves being scratched in his neck by his owner, Tom Dunn. Every time Tom affectionately scratches Levi’s neck, Levi looks up in satisfaction. But whenever Tom turns around and tries to get out of the barn, Levi has the most hilarious reaction ever!

Watch this video. Have you ever seen a horse do this? Let us know through your comments!

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