They saved this mama pit bull and her babies, then she lets them know something is still wrong

Hope for Paws has been working as a non-profit establishment to aid in the rescue and well-being of abandoned animals on the streets and in shelters. They have carried out a great number of rescues till date. The video below features one such rescue. When they received a call about a homeless stray mama pit bull, they immediately went to the scene.

This poor dog had given birth in a yard. She was frightened and it was hard to capture her. The rescuers however didn’t give up and followed her. One of her five puppies didn’t survive, but thankfully the others got rescued along with her. But even after her rescue, there were some problems. What these rescuers did to overcome them will move your heart!

Watch this beautiful rescue in the video below! Did this touch your heart? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about it in the comments!

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