Grandma Starts Running Through The Rain. When I Saw Why, I Couldn’t Stop Crying!

This four minute short film featured in the following video is titled “Light Rain” and it is based on the true story written by Bob Perks. Stephanie Wrate produced this movie and the director is Neil Horner. Even though this movie is a short one, it gives us the most important lesson of life.

This video starts with the narration by an old woman who was stuck taking the shelter under a building because of the rain. Along with her, other pedestrians were stuck as well. Some of them were waiting patiently while some were in outmost hurry and were waiting in irritation. Then a soft voice startled the silence. A little girl asked her mother to “run through the rain”. But when her mother refused, watch what this little girl said.

Wait till you watch this beautiful story in the video below. Did you like it? Let us know in the comments.

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