Rescued Chimp FINALLY Meets His Rescuer After 18 Yrs. But His Reaction To It Broke Me Down!

18 years ago, When Linda Koebner was 23 year old grad student, she rescued a group of laboratory chimpanzees and let them feel the fresh air and earth for the first time. Linda became the surrogate mother for two of these chimps and took care of them day and night until they were set to settle in the nature on their own. Now, 18 years later, Linda is finally going to meet these chimps. But will they remember her?

Linda had looked after two chimps, Doll and Swing for four whole years. And when they were ready, they were sent back to their natural habitat. When Linda went to meet them again after 18 years, she thought they wouldn’t recognize her. But she was very wrong!

Watch this precious reunion in the video below. Did this touch your heart? Let us know via comments!

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