Teacher Tells Them To Clap Their Hands. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Boy In Blue Shirt…

Children are the most amazing bundle of joy anyone can ever have in their life. The utter innocence, the adorable laughter, the unstoppable questions, everything is just so cute and amazing about them. This video is about to show you something really special.

The video features a class of adorable little students. When the teacher decided to play a little song for her class of precious kiddos, she never imagined it would end up getting so amazing. The song required everyone to clap their hands to the music. The kids very fondly started clapping but just then a cute little sweet heart in the blue shirt enjoyed the song so much that he started bursting into big smiles eventually turning into the cutest laughter.

His laugh was so contagious that everyone around start laughing along with him. I actually couldn’t stop grinning the entire time I watched this video. This video will simply make your day!

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