Dad Played One Of Bon Jovi Song. But When I Looked At This Baby’s Reaction, I Was SHOCKED!

Every one of us loves music. I guess there is hardly an individual who does not love music. Babies are just our mini forms, so it’s obvious that they too love to hear music. Different people like listening to different genres of music, and apparently this lovely baby in the video below love rock music. That is why, as soon as dad started to play one of Bon Jovi’s songs, she instantly got on her feet and started grooving!

The song that dad played in this video is Bon Jovi’s 1986 hit song “Wanted Dead Or Alive”. This song is very powerful and energetic, and apparently this baby knows it too well. She instantly started headbanging when her dad played this song in his guitar. Mom was so amazed to see this that she grabbed her camera and started recording.

Check out this cool baby in the video below. Did this make you smile? Do let us know in the comments!

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