Poor Koala Was Hit By A Car. But It’s What Her Baby Did Next That Baffled Doctors!

We aren’t the only ones that can feel complex emotions. Animals also experience a wide range of emotions just like us. They also feel joy of love and the pain of loss. The koalas in the following video prove this point in the most moving way. A koala mother and baby were hit by a moving car. The joey was not as hurt as his mom, who had ended up battling a collapsed lung.

Rescuers rushed the mother koala, Lizzie, to the hospital. Her little baby, Phantom, was too young to be on his own. That is why throughout the procedure, Phantom kept holding on to his dear mom! He was very well behaved through the entire procedure as well and didn’t disturb the doctors during the surgery. This just goes to show how sensitive animals can be!

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