He Gathers His 8 Horses In The Field. But When He Turns Around, I Was Left Breathless! Wow!

This video below is a treat to all the horse lovers out there. Of course, there is probably no one who doesn’t love horses! They are smart, majestic, beautiful and intelligent. From the history, people have had a special relationship with horses; they were trained for wars or for performances. You may have seen a lot of horses performing tricks, however, you’ll be stunned to see what this man in the video below makes his horses do!

Lorenzo is a French equestrian who is also known as the ‘flying horseman’. From the very early age, i.e. 6, he started to train himself to perform along with his wonderful horses. This video below features a stunning performance of Lorenzo along with 8 of his white horses at the Stockholm Horse Show. This show was organized in 2011 and Lorenzo was able to leave the audience in astonishment through this unbelievable routine.

Watch this incredible performance in the video below. Did this enthrall you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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