His Owner Fainted In The Street. Keep Your Eye On The Puppy’s Reaction When Ambulance Arrives

We all know that dogs are loyal and faithful to their owners. Dogs are amazing creatures who can jump in front of a train if it is to save his/her owner. This video below is one of such instances which prove this fact. This will leave you crying rivers!

A news media covered this news about a dog who faithfully stood next to his collapsed owner. This man had apparently fainted right in the busy street in Guizhou, China. As soon as this man collapsed, a lot of people gathered around and some even called authorities. But when police came, this dog didn’t stop barking at whoever came closer to his owner. It was his instinct of protecting his owner from any harm. But when ambulance came, this dog let his owner get carried on the stretcher and even hopped on the ambulance still determined to be together with his owner.

It is said that dogs are men’s best friend and we don’t have to search miles to prove this fact. Watch this video and share your thoughts about it with us.

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