Owner Comes Home After 3 Weeks. Now Watch HOW This Horse Reacts! I’m Melting!

Pets have a really special place in our hearts and we are in theirs too. However, it is so sad that sometimes we can’t take them to the trips that we take. But when we return from the vacation, they keep waiting for us just like our own babies. Take this video below for an instance. This woman was out in the vacation for 3 whole weeks. Now when her horse realizes that she has come back, he has the most adorable reaction ever!

At first we see this horse grazing out in the field and he doesn’t know that his owner is back in town. But as soon as he sees his best buddy, he runs towards her. He is so happy to finally meet his owner and his owner is as happy as he is. This horse’s excited reaction will surely make your day!

Check out this precious video below. Did this make you smile? Let us know via comments!

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