She confronted her 3 dogs about the mess, then the guilty one ‘confesses’ in a hilarious way

Dogs often make mess in the house when their owners are not around. It is one of the reasons why it is so hard to raise a dog in your busy schedule. But no one can deny the fact that dogs are adorable, loving and you just can’t help loving them back. This mom is in the similar situation. She just found out that one of her dogs pooped in the kitchen. Now this angry mom confronts her dogs, but what response she gets in return is just hilarious!

Cody, Murphy and Maggie are best buddies. However, when mom confronts them about the mess in the kitchen, they can’t help but throw the guilty party under the bus. Maggie pooped in the kitchen and now Cody and Murphy can’t lie to mom. Watch what they do when mom confronts them!

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