Mom Asks Her Baby To Say “Mama”. But Keep Your Eyes On This Dog. What He Does Is Just Hilarious!

Dogs are really amazing companions. They are playful, cuddly and great help around the house, if they are not the ones making the mess that is! But apart from it all, they are one of the most adorable pets who are always there to make you feel better. If not intentionally, these guys are always making their owners laugh out loud through their hysterical acts. Take this little guy in the video below for example!

Mom was feeding her baby. And along with it, she was also motivating her baby to say “mama”. But as it looks like it, this baby doesn’t yet know how to talk. However, his canine best friend, this trained Australian shepherd is all ready to take on the spotlight. He instantly figures out what mama is trying to do and does something unbelievable. His response leaves whole family in hysterics!

All for the sake of a bite! Watch this video below and do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below!

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