Crowd Didn’t Expect Much When This Tattooed Guy Walked Onstage. But The Moment He Started? OMG!

We should never judge a book by its cover. However, it is really hard to do as we live in a society full of stereotyped judgments. Even when we try our best, we tend to judge people first with their appearance and only then with their personality. When Matthew Garwood walked on the stage of The Voice Australia, he was also looked upon by “judgy” eyes. His body was covered in tattoos and everyone expected him to sing rock or metal song. But what he sang instead? You are not going to believe it.

During his audition, Matthew sang an emotional ballad from The Phantom of the Opera, “All I Ask of You” and blew everyone away. Everyone had goosebumps when he started to sing, even the judges. Ricky Martin, one of the judges of the show, was totally impressed by his voice and chose to slam his hand on the buzzer.

Watch this marvelous performance and drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

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