Mom Confronts Her Pup About The Mess. But She Was NOT Expecting THIS Hilarious Reaction From Him!

The internet is filled with guilty dog videos. And why not! Dogs have the most adorable and hilarious expression when they are guilty. Even though dogs are obedient, sometimes they get swayed by their feelings and make messes around the house. They even know exactly when they are busted. And the expression they make when they are confronted is epic.

This video below features a dog called Matzo who has just knocked down a trashcan in the kitchen. He made the mess and now he knows that mom is going to be mad about it. As soon as mom sees the mess, she calls upon Matzo and confronts him about it. But poor guilty Matzo can’t face mom and slowly backs off far enough to cover his face in shame.

This guilty dog definitely made my day. What about you? Let us know through your comments below!

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