This Horse Was Thought To Be Very DANGEROUS. But What This Man Did For Him SHOCKED Me!

Before Michael, a farm manager in upstate New York, came into his life, Max the horse was considered to be very dangerous. He was just wild and he didn’t allow anyone to come near him, touch him or train him. His owner almost thought of shooting and killing him as Max was too violent and dangerous to be around. That is when Michael entered his life!

At the first day, when Michael met Max, Max stuck his head out of his stall and allowed him to scratch his ears. Michael thought Max was comfortable with him and finally has recognized the human touch. Michael started to train Max and all was going well, until a day when Max kicked him by mistake and nearly killed him. Michael was admitted to the hospital and his insurance company was about to sue Max’s owner with $175,000 medical bills. But Michael couldn’t let that happen and decided to take Max in as his own.

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