Vet Saved This Dying Deer’s Life. But HOW This Deer Paid Her Back Will Leave You In TEARS!

Happiness can come in every shape and sizes. It can be with the wings or with fluffy fur and big ears. For Veterinarian Melanie Butera, it was the later. In the summer of 2004, she got an unexpected patient; a blind fawn who was in verse of death. Even though it was hard to save this little fawn, Melanie and her husband did their best to take care of her and finally decided to adopt her as their own baby. But, what Melanie and her husband didn’t know about was this special surprise this fawn gave this couple years later.

Dillie, this deer lives together with this couple and is an essential part of the Butera family. She has her own bedroom and diet plan. She loves sitting next to her owners and sometimes roam around in the garden and woods. Melanie, however, is having a hard time in her life. She is battling with stage 4 cancer. But according to her, Dillie has taught her that “every life is a gift”. And being with Dillie makes her want to struggle and fight with cancer.

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