When Parrot’s Favorite Song Plays On The Radio, Watch What He Does With His Head! WOW!

I love animals and birds videos in the internet. Who wouldn’t? I mean, they are the cutest thing on the entire planet. They are especially cute when they are dancing (or pretending to dance) to their favorite music. If you are a crazy fan of animal videos on the internet then this next video is a real treat for you! This will melt your heart!

Milo, this cute little parrot in the following video is a 12 year old Eclectus parrot. He is popular throughout the internet not just because of his adorable features, but also because of his hilarious reaction in the video below. According to his owner, Toni Lee, every time Milo hears his favorite song “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO, he instantly grabs the stage and shines like a star.

Wait till you see what he does with his head. Did this make you smile? Let us via comments!

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