These 2 Huskies Are In A SERIOUS Conversation. But What Are They Talking About? ROFL!

Mishka is perhaps the most famous dog on the internet. This husky skyrocketed to fame when the video of her “talking” back to her owner went viral. Since then, her family has been sharing more of her hilarious moments. The clip below is one of them. It shows Mishka in conversation with her sibling, Laika. Just wait till you hear what they talk about!

Cats are probably the only animals that aren’t too far behind dogs on the popularity radar. Poor Mishka is not happy with this; she feels that cats are getting unjustified attention for no good reasons. So she rants about this “problem” to her friend Laika. But the funny thing is that even Laika doesn’t seem to be interested in her angry outbursts!

Watch this video below! Did Mishka crack you up? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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