When Dad Says “Do You Want Potatoes?”, Don’t Take Your Eyes Off That Husky On The Right! Unreal!

You might already know about Mishka. She is one of the most popular huskies in the internet. Her videos which went viral have won millions of hearts. Who wouldn’t love this little pup? She is just too adorable and whatever she does, she always succeeds to amaze everyone. This video below features one of Mishka’s viral videos, which was uploaded on YouTube in 2012. In this clip, we can see Mishka putting up her opinion when her family was discussing about dinner.

Even though sometimes we might think that our dogs are talking to us, according to Psychologist and dog expert Stanley Coren of the University of British Columbia, they are doing so just to get treats from you. The dogs who might sound like they are trying to talk are actually imitating the sounds and phrases in order. But of course, this fact doesn’t in anyway diminish the cuteness of talking dogs.

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