Husky’s Reaction When Mom Asks Her If She’s Stupid Is Hilarious

Internet’s favorite talking Husky, Mishka is back again with her hilarious video. She is very smart and she doesn’t like anyone calling her ‘stupid’. That is why when mom asks her if she is ‘stupid’ she gives an epic answer and leaves everyone in the room floored. You won’t believe how she responds to mom’s question!

This funny video of Mishka was uploaded in Jan 25, 2010, and till this date, this video has accumulated more than 30 million videos. Many people in the internet just can’t get enough of this talkative husky who doesn’t like to be called ‘stupid’. Watching this adorable husky once is not enough!

Watch how this smart dog reacts to mom’s question! Did this make you smile? Let us know in the comments!

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