13 yr old Hyacinth Macaw loves her showers more than anything, but it needs to be perfect

Birds are really smart creatures. They always know what they are doing. Like this Hyacinth Macaw in the video below. This blue bird, Miss Iris wants her shower to be perfect and doesn’t want her owner to mess up the temperature of her shower. What she does before taking her shower? This is definitely not what I was expecting to see!

Miss Irish, this adorable blue and yellow feather Macaw typically takes bath outdoors. But there are times when cold days force this Macaw to take shower indoors. Today is one of such occasions when Miss Irish takes her perfect shower in the kitchen sink. But before jumping in for the delightful shower, she makes sure that the temperature of the water is perfect!

Watch this adorable bird in the video below. What do you think about Miss Iris? Share your thoughts with us through your comments!

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