Every Morning Mom Waits For Him. Now Watch WHO Pops His Head Through The Window..WHOA!

Phyllis escaped an abusive home environment and landed up on the streets. She had many lows in her life, from an unhealthy marriage to divorce. All these lows ended up leaving her in the hands of alcohol and finally in jail.
But something much unexpected happened in her life when she was serving her prison time. Phyllis was allowed to go out to a farm using a day pass. And during one of her such outing she met a cowboy who introduced her to a 3 year old Arabian stallion named Charlie Brown who had been through severe abuse. She couldn’t forget the horse, his big sad brown eyes. Phyllis then had a dream in life and that was to get a horse.

With the $300 she had earned while serving in jail, she went to the farm and bought Charlie Brown on the spot. Phyllis renamed him as Shag-Ra. Gradually her routine changed; she started spending her days nursing Shag-Ra on her farm named “God’s Little Acre” in Canada. The horse gradually grew into a healthy being but the change had not just appeared on the horse. Like she puts it, “All it took was the love of a horse.” Phyllis too had changed; she had stopped drinking alcohol and had regained her healthy living.

With time both of them have developed and inseparable bond. She has started noticing her adorable horse trying to mimic her too. Watch this amazing video to know what happened in Phyllis and Shag-Ra’s lives thereafter. We would love to have your views on this video!

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