Mom Pours Glue All Over That Sponge. Why? I Can’t Believe THIS Was Possible!

Children love arts and crafts. They are creative and are not shy to show their talent to the world. We, as guardians and parents have to motivate them to create new things and be creative all the time. However, it is not an easy job as creating art and craft brings a lot of mess around the house. So what is the solution? This video below features some of the most awesome arts and crafts hacks ever. You’ll fall in love with them!

WhatsUpMoms is a YouTube channel which is solely dedicated to show some of the interesting life hacks for parents. In this 2nd episode of arts and crafts, our host shows some incredible hacks. After watching this video, you won’t have to be so terrified of clean-ups and let your child be carefree and you too.

Watch this video below. Found it useful? Drop your comments in the comments section below!

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