Moose Collapsed At Lowe’s Parking Lot. But 9 Hours Later? Nobody Was Prepared For THIS!

People who went shopping in East Anchorage Lowe’s, AK, one June day in 2016 were treated to a rare sight. They managed to see a pregnant mama moose give birth to her newborn baby right there in the mall’s parking lot. Until her calf was able enough to stand up on his feet and move on his own, mama moose decide to stay in the same spot. She remained in the lot for nine whole hours.

Lowe’s employees shielded the area to guard them from the shoppers. They also blocked a section of the store-front driving area. Anchorage police called the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and staff members stood on standby for security reasons. The duo finally moved out of the parking lot, resting in some places.

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