Chordettes Stuns The Crowd With This Classic Hit In 1958. Do You Remember This Song?

Here is your daily dose of blast-from-the-past! Once in a while we love to watch and listen to the songs from the past and imagine the world people used to live in. This video features a song by The Chordettes, “Mr. Sandman” from 1958. Even though you might not remember the group, but I am sure you definitely remember this song. It has been used several times in modern movies as well.

The Chordettes were an American female singing quartet, usually singing a cappella, and specializing in traditional popular music. The group started their career in 1946 but became exceptionally popular because of this very song; Mr. Sandman. In the video, we see them performing this amazing classic hit on the stage and the live performance also features Dick Clark from American Bandstand making a cameo which had enthralled the crowd back then.

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