Owner Records An Excited Mule Playing, But Cracks Up To See Her Do THIS Next! Rofl!

This video below features an adorable little mule named Raven who is little too excited to play outside. Because of her over excitement and energy, she meets with the most hilarious accident ever. However, she doesn’t get hurt much so you can rest assured of that.

It was a normal day in the barn. Everyone was having a rest time of their own, even mama horse was eating away her meal quietly. But then Raven the mule was also having her own share of freedom and playtime. She was too excited to finally play outside. But because of the muddy and slippery floor she was jumping on, she slipped and fell on the ground. Poor Raven was embarrassed for a short time but soon recovered and jumped energetically once again.

Isn’t that hilarious? Watch this video below and drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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