Everybody Made Fun Of His Torn Shoe. But When He Sat Next To That Rich Kid? I’m Moved!

What would you wish for if you were given a chance? Riches? Money? Pizza? Well, whatever you wish for you should always be very careful about it, because the consequence of it can be devastating. This little poor kid in the video below also wished for something unbelievable, but when it came true it came with a heartbreaking result! Wait till you watch this yourself!

This little kid had only a pair of shoes which was torn everywhere. Because of this, other kids bullied him and he didn’t like this fact. So one day when he was out in his regular spot in the park, he saw a rich boy in his new and shinning shoe. Soon enough, this poor boy wished to be just like this rich boy. Did his wish come true? Yes! But with it came the devastating truth!

You’ll be shocked to see this twist at the end. Watch it till the end and don’t forget to share your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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