When A Mysterious Angel Appeared At A Crash Site And Did THIS, Everyone Was Left In Disbelief!

This piece of news went viral on the internet solely because of its mysterious content. A 19 year old Katy was driving by a country side road when she got hit by a drunk driver. The front side of her car was entirely crushed which left her trapped inside the car seats. Her whole body was covered with bruises and broken bones but fortunately her head was untouched. But it was not the only thing that made this a viral headline.

Local firefighters immediately came to the rescue but their tools were not strong enough to cut through the frame of the car. Everyone was panicking and trying their best to rescue Katy. But right there something unbelievable happened! A mysterious man in black approached the crash site and started praying. Katy was saved after an hour when another firefighters’ group with strong tools came for help. However after a lot of inspection, even after the incident, the mystery man was nowhere to be found. He prayed for Katy’s life and disappeared even from the 70 photographs from the crash site.

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