This Naked Bird Deserves to be Loved and Now, She Is Truly Loved!

Birds are gems of the skies. They fly elegantly, most of the time, they fly alone, but they also fly with all other birds of their kind. They look lovely up in the sky, and even more beautiful when they get close to us because we see clearly their lush, colorful feathers. Unfortunately, not all birds have healthy feathers, and a very few of them, really don’t have any. Yes, it’s a sad truth.

A disease of birds can practically make their feathers fall off and leave them “naked’. So how would birds who have no feathers live normally? How would they get positive treatments from people? I was also thinking it would be difficult for most people to accept them. But, there are a few brave souls who just purely loves the, despite how they look.

See how Rhea, the bird without feathers found a loving home with her new mom. Isn’t this such a touching bird story? What do you think?

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