This Poor Pit Bull Was Horribly Abused And Left In A Ditch. But When THEY Spotted Her, I Cried!

Abused animals, most of the times, are afraid of humans. Nala, this poor pit bull in the video below also feared men and it is most probably because she was intensely abused by a man. She was abandoned in the ditch near downtown LA. This video follows her beautiful and tear-jerking rescue story!

Hope For Paws is a nonprofit organization which has been rescuing animals in need for 8 years now. They have come across many difficult rescues and this video is one of them. Rescuers from Hope For Paws were informed about Nala, who was previously named Blue, and they soon enough set out to rescue her. She was so petrified by the man that she stayed curled up in the crack of the ditch even though rescuers tried hard to get her to safety. Now watch what the rescuers do next to save Nala.

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