Baby Elephant Doesn’t Fit In That Tiny Bathtub. But I Was In Stitches When Mama Came And Did This!

No one can deny that elephant babies are the cutest of all the animal babies out there. It is probably because of their size and clumsiness that make them just too adorable. Whatever the reason, I just can’t resist when I come across the elephant baby videos on the internet. This video below is one of them. It will just melt you to the ground!

This video was taken in the Elephant Natural Park located in Northern Thailand and the little baby elephant featured in it is called Navann. Unlike most of the animals, elephants adore bathing and Navann is no exception. As soon as he sees a little bucket that is close enough to be his bathtub, he sets a foot on it and declare it conquered. He plays with the water as much as he can. But unfortunately, mom doesn’t quite like this idea. Mom instantly approaches Navann and does something quite hilarious!

You won’t be expecting mama elephant to do THIS! Did this make you laugh? Let us know about it through your comments!

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