Tourists Were Shocked When They Saw THIS Crawling Out Of The Sand. Unbelievable!

Turtles are remarkable species. Even though they spend most of their life in water, a female turtle travels a very long journey to the beach in order to lay her eggs. However, she does not spend her time looking after these newly hatched babies. The female turtle digs a giant hole in the sand, lays her egg, covers it with sands again and walks out of the beach to the sea. When the eggs hatch and newly hatched turtles come out and make their way straight to the water to find food. Isn’t that incredible?

This video below features this jaw-dropping moment which some of the people in Florida beach witnessed. They were out on holiday when they saw something crawling out of the sand. Instantly they took out their camera and what it recorded next left me gasping. Small turtles made their way out of the sand and towards the ocean. There were probably a hundred of them.

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