They Granted This Nearly-Dead Stray His Last Wish. But What Happened Next? WOW…This Is MOVING!

The dog featured in the video below has been through a lot in life. The poor guy was born in the streets of Singapore and he never had a place to call home. He hadn’t experienced love or the warm touch of a kind hand. But his life got a little better when Save Our Street Dogs took him in. Save Our Street Dogs is a non-profit organization in Singapore that rescues and fosters stray dogs.

This beautiful pooch was called Ol Boy. He was seen lying helpless and injured in the streets by a person. He thankfully contacted Save Our Street Dogs for help. The rescuers thought it to be a normal routine rescue, but it ended up becoming a lesson in life and death that no one could easily forget. This was really a very touching story!

Watch the video below and let us know how you felt watching it via your comments!

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