81 Yr Old Picks Up A Guitar. Now Don’t Take Your Eyes Off His Left Hand. Awesome!

When it comes to talent, age doesn’t matter. You could be in your 60s but still can dance like a pro, or be on your 80s and play the rock and roll in your guitar. Take this 81 year old grandpa in the video below for example. He looks really old, but what he does when he spots an electric guitar will blow your mind.

This grandpa’s named is Bob Wood and he is from Tennessee. In the following video, we can see him playing a guitar at a local music shot called British Audio Service. For the camera, and for his own entertainment, Bob plays his own rendition of “Besame Mucho”. This will surely leave you out of breath!

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This guy rules. Mr. Bob Wood, ladies and gentlemen

Posted by British Audio Service on Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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